Monday, April 27, 2009

It's good luck!

Rain on your wedding day!
Renee and Andrew didn't let the rain get them down and celebrated with a dip in the lake!
Unprompted of course.
Thank you both for a great day!


  1. BAH! Damn you!!! Now Alanis Morisette is in my head! I won't be able to sleep tonight...

  2. Yeah, I should feel bad about that right?

  3. These are so artful and beautiful! Did they get married at Baha'i Temple? I'm so jealous! What a gorgeous location for a wedding.

  4. I know, Lizz rocks doesn't she? We were married at Alice Millar Chapel (on the campus of Northwestern University) but our reception was near Baha'i Temple so we stopped by there for a photo opp...

  5. I love this, it give me hope, I'm getting married in December and I'm 100% certain that it will rain, so good to see the photos still turn out amazing and the couple still enjoying themselves.